December 11, 12 and 13, 2022

Tours from 6pm-9:00pm


Bring your family, friends and colleagues to experience an outdoor walk-through theatrical presentation that brings to life the true story and meaning of Christmas.

The evening begins in our waiting area, where you'll find all kinds of activities and music to keep you entertained.

As you take part in this outdoor-promenade theatre adventure with your group, you'll be stopping at several drama presentations.

The Bible story begins to unfold before your eyes as you walk to each scene in the epic story.

You'll recognise many characters along the way, some searching for the same thing you are.

Some 15,000 travellers each year are lead around the Christmas story by character guides (in groups) - making Road to Bethlehem one of Australia's biggest free Christmas events.

You’ll encounter all manner of characters along the journey, from the jealous royalty, down to humble shepherds, to majestic angels, to bantering Roman soldiers.

All in a quest to find the true meaning of Christmas - the One who has been born King, to save us from our sin.

Road to Bethlehem Canberra is located at Canberra Christian School - 64 Ainsworth Street, Mawson, ACT